1. UNICOS-CPC Documentation

1.2. General Documentation

  • General Object descriptions [web] [pdf]
  • xml spec documentation [xml]
  • New Functionalities of CPC6.X regarding CPC5.X [pdf]
  • UNICOS-CPC PLC program Architecture
    • Schneider Unity (in progress)
    • Siemens Step 7 [pdf]
  • Front-End parameters (PLC addressing) with UNICOS-CPC
    • Schneider Unity [xlsx]
    • Siemens Step 7 [xlsx]
  • PLC Programing with UNICOS-CPC
    • Schneider Unity [pdf]
    • Siemens S7 [pdf]
    • Schneider Somachine-CoDeSys [pdf]
  • Addressing information
    • CPC Bit mapping of all Manreg [pdf] and StsReg registers [pdf]
    • CPC objects blocks drawing [jpg1 , jpg2] and Parameters list [pdf]
    • CPC addresses mapping (Schneider: Premium, M340, Somachine_CoDeSys) [pdf]
  • Logic Template Usage
    • How-to Guide [pdf ]
    • Documentation of UAB API functions for use in user templates is available in EDMS 1.9.2 document
      • UCPC User Template API for Developers pdf
  • SVN versioning for UNICOS-CPC applications recommendations [ENICECOL:pdf]
  • UNICOS-CPC versioning mechanisms [pdf]

1.3. Procedures, Tutorial and Training

1.4. Documentation for Operators

  • UNICOS-CPC for Operators
    • UNICOS-CPC Training for Operators, showing new features of CPC6 - [pdf]
    • Older version of operator training [pdf]
  • UNICOS-CPC widget layout [pdf]