1. UNICOS-CPC Documentation

1.2. General Documentation

  • General Object descriptions [web]

  • UNICOS-CPC PLC program Architecture

    • Siemens TIA Portal (S7-1500) [pdf]
    • Siemens Step 7 (S7-300, S7-400) [pdf]
  • PLC Programing with UNICOS-CPC

    • Schneider Unity [pdf]
  • Addressing information

    • CPC Bit mapping of all Manreg, StsReg and ParReg [xlsx]
    • CPC addresses mapping (for Schneider Premium, M340 and CoDesys) [xlsx]
  • Logic Templates

    • How to Use logic templates Guide [pdf ]
    • UCPC User Template API for Developers [pdf]
  • SVN versioning for UNICOS-CPC applications recommendations [pdf]

  • TSPP. UNICOS-CPC PLC-SCADA communication mechanism [pdf]

  • How to choose the appropriate PLC model depending on the memory requirements of my application

1.3. Procedures, Tutorials and Training

  • Procedure to install the UAB bootstrap (UNICOS Application Builder) to create UCPC applications [pdf]

  • Procedures to create a UNICOS-CPC application

  • Expert User generator

    The ‘Expert User Generator’ in UAB allows the selection of additional user templates located in the plug-in templates folder and subfolders. The user can create their own templates according to the following restrictions:

    • The template file name must end with “_Template.py”. So a valid name would be “MyExample_Template.py”.
    • The file name (without the .py extension) must be the same as the jython class name.
    • The template can call other Jython scripts located in the same folder or the SharedTemplates folder.

    Available templates:

    • convertSpecToText_Template.py. Executing this template converts the Spec file into a TXT format file.
    • Schneider_Expert_Stepper_Template.py. Generates Schneider grafcet (stepper) functions according to the stepper spec file.
    • Siemens_Expert_Stepper_Template.py. Generates Siemens S7300/400 grafcet (stepper) functions according to the stepper spec file.
    • TIA_Expert_Stepper_Template.py. Generates S7-1500 (TIA Portal) grafcet (stepper) functions according to the stepper spec file.
  • Templates for a touch panel WinCC flexible application

  • Procedure to create DIP publications in a UNICOS-CPC project https://readthedocs.web.cern.ch/display/ICKB/How+to+create+Dip+Publications+in+UCPC+project

  • UNICOS-CPC Training

    • QSDN Tutorial [pdf]
    • UNICOS CPC Basic Course: How to develop process control applications [INDICO link] (an introduction to UNICOS-CPC and a simple example application).
      • You can sign in for the next CERN training course here.
    • UNICOS CPC Advanced Course: How to develop a new device type [INDICO link] (How to add a new device type (“Multi-OnOff” for this exercise) in the resource package, the PLC baseline (Siemens), WinCC OA, and WinCC TIA Portal (Touch Panel).

1.4. Documentation for Operators

  • UNICOS-CPC for Operators
    • UNICOS-CPC Training for Operators, showing new features of CPC6 [pdf]
    • Older but useful version of operator training [pdf]